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Doc Hollywood quotes

Dr. Benjamin Stone: Beverly Hills. The most beautiful women in the world. Plastic surgery. What do these three things have in common? Me, in less than a week.

Vialula: You can blink now.

Dr. Aurelius Hogue: (while being examined) Check Hollywood for knives. I don't want him operating in case I sneeze or something.

Vialula: (about the gossip in Grady) Can't po** in this town without everybody knowin' what color it is.

Vialula: I suspect that your version of romance is whatever will separate me from my panties.
Dr. Benjamin Stone: No, I am just talking about dinner. Wear make-up, put on a dress. Panties are optional.

Woman with Glasses: There's a blurred spot in my vision... there... no, there, no,no... (Dr. Stone takes her glasses and cleans them)
Woman with Glasses: I'm cured.

Dr. Benjamin Stone: You want to trade, the pig for the part?
Melvin the Mechanic: If you can part with the pig.
Dr. Benjamin Stone: Good.

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