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Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood quotes

Younger Teensy Whitman: (referring to Jack going to war) He made swear not to till he told you.
Younger Vivi: Well you should've warned me. What did Genevieve say?
Younger Teensy Whitman: Oh, she cried and begged him to change his mind and Daddy called her unpatriotic. He gave a speech and made a toast. Mama swore she'd never drink to a son going to war. (sighs)
Younger Teensy Whitman: So now Daddy's in the doghouse.
Younger Vivi: Amen.
Younger Caro: Ugh. There's not a single go***** breeze in Lousiana.
Younger Necie Kelleher: Someone please wring me out?
Younger Vivi: We cannot just sit here and puddle. We have to make our own go***** breeze.

Vivi: (about her birthday) Now, I don't want any candles on my cake. It'll look like the burning of Atlanta!

Caro: I take a problem and chew on it 'til all the flavor's gone, and then stick it in my hair.

Connor: (on the phone with Sidda) Hi.
Sidda: How did you know it was me?
Connor: Who else? How are you feeling?
Sidda: A little disoriented.
Connor: Well, horse tranquilizers will do that for you.
Sidda: I can't believe you let them do this.
Connor: They didn't ask my permission. They called me on the way to the airport, they informed me of their plan. I saw you off.
Sidda: From where?
Connor: I met you at the airport, helped them get you on the plane. They're organized. They even had a note from a doctor. By the way, your pills are in your bag.
Sidda: (to Ya Yas) I have a bag?
Caro: Yeah, in the closet. Tell Connor we say hello.
Connor: (Sidda asks Connor if he heard them) Yeah. I'll tell you one thing, meeting them explains a lot about you.
Sidda: Such as?
Connor: Well, let me put it this way. You're a hell of a lot more normal than you've any right to be.
Sidda: Listen, I'm gonna try and bust out of here tomorrow. I gotta get back for work.
Connor: Don't rush back on my account.
Sidda: I just said it was for work.
Connor: And I just meant maybe you ought to try to stay and fix this thing with your mother for once and for all.
Sidda: Why are you so worried about this?
Connor: Because I'm afraid that one day our kids may feel that way about you.
Sidda: Ow.
Connor: These women may be nuts, but I have a feeling they might know something that you don't.
Sidda: I don't think it's fair that you're bringing kids we don't even have into this, Connor, okay? That was just a really low blow.
Connor: Well, that's the way I feel. Stay there. Deal with it.
Sidda: (hangs up) YOU deal with it.

Caro: Listen, kids, we gotta slow down or I'm gonna pop a lung.

Sidda: I should'a quit when I was behind.

Caro: What I'd give to know then what I know now. And to still have those thighs!
Necie Rose Kelleher: I'm sure they're still buried in there somewhere.

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