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Die Hard With A Vengeance quotes

FBI Agent Andy Cross: (showing pictures) Do you recognize this guy?
John McClane: No.
FBI Agent Andy Cross: How 'bout this one?
John McClane: Mm-mm.
FBI Agent Andy Cross: How 'bout you? (Zeus shakes head)
FBI Agent Andy Cross: Did you recognize the voice on the phone?
John McClane: No.
FBI Agent Andy Cross: Did you, uh, notice any cars following you?
John McClane: No.
Bill Jarvis, from Another Organization: Anybody following you at all? Any kind of surveillance, telephone, house, anything unusual at all?
John McClane: Well, now that you mention it, I have experienced a, you know, like a burning sensation between my toes. I thought it was just some athlete's foot or something.

John McClane: Listen, you fail I cover your as*. I fail you cover my as*!
Zeus Carver: And if we both fail?
John McClane: Then we're both fu****!

Mathias Targo: I told you not to toy with him!
Simon: Thank you, that's very helpful.

Zeus: I told you 9th Avenue is the quickest way south.
John McClane: Stop all the go***** yellin'! I know what I'm doing.
Zeus: Not even God knows what you're doing!

Simon Gruber: As I was going to St. Ives, / I met a man with seven wives. / Every wife had seven sacks, / Every sack had seven cats, / Every cat had seven kittens. / Kittens, cats, sacks, wives, / How many were going to St. Ives?

Principal Martinez: Hi kids. I know you usually have assembly on Fridays, but today's special. Mr. Lambert here is from the fire department and today he wants us to practice a brand new fire drill. So, I want you to divide in half, and I want half of you to go over here - teachers will help them - and line up against the wall. The other half will go in this direction. Please do it very quietly and very quickly, alright? Everybody up please. Teachers, please help them.
Raymond: Fire drill, my as*. That guy ain't from the fire department.
Dexter: Maybe it's cuz of the radio.
Raymond: You mean, like, they're after us? Nah.
Dexter: Tony squealed on us!
Raymond: No he didn't.

John McClane: Listen to me. Hang the fu** on, all right?

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