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Die Hard 2 Die Harder quotes

Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes: (dryly, while looking at a radio McClane retrieves from one of the Annex Skywalk soldiers) Next time you kill one of these guys, get 'em to enter the code first.

Marvin: I'm Marv. I thought you was trying to steal my records, that's all.

John McClane: What do you say, Marv?
Marvin: I'll be damned if I'm gonna clean up this mess.

Gen. Ramon Esperanza: (Esperanza has landed the plane and steps outside) Freedom!
John McClane: (punches him) Not yet!
John McClane: (draws his gun on Esperanza) You're supposed to stay in your seat until the plane reaches the terminal. No frequent flier mileage for you.
Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Who are you?
John McClane: A cop.
Gen. Ramon Esperanza: A cop?
John McClane: Yeah. One of the good guys. You see, you're one of the bad guys, and now that I got your sorry as*, I'm gonna trade it for my wife.

Holly McClane: Listen, buster, you endangered my children. And you didn't do it for anything as noble as The People. The only time you even see The People is when you look down to see what it is you're stepping on.

John McClane: (during the fight with Col.Stuart) mo**********' mo**********!

John McClane: (after Col. Stuart caused a plane to crash) (crying)
John McClane: Mother fu****.

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