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Dick Tracy quotes

Big Boy Caprice: You get behind me, we all profit; you challenge me, we all go down! There was one Napoleon, one Washington, one me!

Big Boy Caprice: You're dirty, Lips. You need a bath.
Lips Manlis: Not "the bath". Not "the bath", Big boy, not "the bath"!

Big Boy Caprice: You know, di** - You mind if I call you "di**"? My associates here would very much like to see you have a little accident. But I tell 'em, "No. I'll take care of Tracy myself," I tell 'em. You know why? I want you on my side! (takes out a wad of cash)
Big Boy Caprice: And let me tell you what my side is. My side is a lifetime of action and adventure with no clock to punch. It's treating that gal of yours 100%. She should be treated like a princess. Protected like a baby.
di** Tracy: You gonna put *all* that money down there?
Big Boy Caprice: Fifteen thousand clams. It's a deal.
Itchy: Fifteen thousand claims.
Big Boy Caprice: Welcome to new waters, di**! We're gonna run one hell of a ship with you aboard. There's a big world out there, and it's up for sale. All of it. All we gotta do is make sure that the people know I'm the one big enough to run it.
di** Tracy: And that you are guilty of attempting to bribe an officer of the law.
Itchy: Hey, hey!
Flattop: Not so fast, coppa.
Big Boy Caprice: You dumb di**!

Big Boy Caprice: Because I have a vision. A big boss must have a vision. We gotta town with thousands of small stores and businesses. People are working real hard. I think they should be working real hard. For us. Because we are for the people. "And if you ain't for the people, you can't buy the people." Lincoln.

Lips Manlis: (muffled pleading as the cement covers him) Big Boy, we're friends. Big Boy, not the Bath! Not the bath! B-bath. Ahh!
Big Boy Caprice: I know, and I'm gonna miss you. But, all's fair in love and business. Benjamin Franklin.

di** Tracy: No grief for Lips?
Breathless Mahoney: I'm wearing black underwear.
di** Tracy: You know, it's legal for me to take you down to the station and sweat it out of you under the lights.
Breathless Mahoney: I sweat a lot better in the dark.

di** Tracy: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or the enemy of my friend my enemy?
Pat Patton: What?
di** Tracy: Or enemy of my enemy my enemy?
Pat Patton: What'd he say?
di** Tracy: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.
Sam Catchem: He said the enemy of his enemy is his enemy.
Pat Patton: Oh.

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