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Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo quotes

Security Guard: Um, Excuse me sir, but this is a Private Club, Manwhores only.
Lil' Kim: Hey, I'm a real GOOD Manwhore, just go ask yo Mamma.
Security Guard: STILL, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Lil' Kim: And that's what yo Momma said after I bang her!
Lil' Kim: (starts laughing hysterically)
Security Guard: O.k., that's it.
Security Guard: (Tosses Lil' Kim in the dumpster)
Lil' Kim: Hey, yo MAMMA's in here!

Deuce Bigalow: (on the way to the Man-wh*** awards, and Eva is riding behind them) Hey look, there's Eva!
Gaspar Voorsboch: Oh. (starts speeding up)
Deuce Bigalow: Hey what are you doing, she's right behind us.
Eva: Deuce, he's the killer!
Deuce Bigalow: Huh, what?
Eva: You're with the killer!
Deuce Bigalow: Wuh... I'm with the dealer?
Eva: He's the Man-wh*** killer!
Deuce Bigalow: Um, Eighteen Wheeler?
Eva: (comes right up to the Passengers Window) My uncle is the killer!
Deuce Bigalow: Oh, I'm with the... (Gaspar points a gun towards him)
Deuce Bigalow: ...I mean... you're the Killer?
Gaspar Voorsboch: She said: You are with the killer, you stupid ho!
Deuce Bigalow: (making sense of the Situation) Ohhhhh. (notices a hand bag with the Leopard-coat, and a wig barely showing out)
Deuce Bigalow: ...but... why, what did Man-Whores ever do to YOU?
Gaspar Voorsboch: What did they do to me? All my life, I wanted to be one thing, a Gigolo, yes, me, Gaspar Voorsboch! I'll never forget that day, it was my first Semester at Man-wh*** University.

Chadsworth Buckingham, III: (asking gigolos about their night) So... Assapopolis, got any She-Johns lined up for Tonight?
Assapopoulos Mariolis: I got the herpes. What're you gonna do, heh.
Chadsworth Buckingham, III: (chuckles Sarcastically, then rips off band-aid) Liar! Mahmoud, What's your excuse?
Mahmoud: Uh, I just realized... I'm gay. Does anyone... want a bl******? (all the other Manwhores make a Sourly disgusted Face)
Dutch Gigolo: I do.
Mahmoud: Ok then. I guess I'd better go... put that pe*** in my mouth.

Heinz Hummer: I am Heinz Hummer. I'm the gigolo with the most below. Okay? I can give you a Filthy Lopez like you never had before. I could give you a Cambodian Creamsicle... that will make you scream all night. Okay? But not now because I'm busy. So leave me alone, bi***.

T.J. Hicks: Can't a brother put his hand down another man's pants without setting off the fa**** alarm?

T.J. Hicks: (T.J. is in Jail, and is testing all the Prisoners for their orientation) Hey, let me give you the low-down on T.J. Now, some time ago, I used to be a sideshow host at a Circus, I played the role for eating broken glass. So we di about two shows a week, now that's a lot of broken glass, and it's all collected right in the line of my an**... my *as** is like one da** cheese grater! (the Prisoners all stand, and glare at him)

Eva: Before I can go on a date I have to eat 2 herring, collect 5 different tulips and drink a beer from a wooden shoe.
Deuce Bigalow: That's do-able!

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