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Deja Vu quotes

Doug Carlin: Satan reasons like a man but God thinks of eternity.

Doug Carlin: Brace yourselves, I think you're about to witness a murder.

Doug Carlin: For all of my career, I've been trying to catch people after they do something horrible. For once in my life, I'd like to catch somebody BEFORE they do something horrible, all right? Can you understand that?

Denny: You know you don't have to do this.
Doug Carlin: What if I already have?

Agent Pryzwarra: It's not your fault she dies.
Doug Carlin: Well, that's one theory.

Shanti: We used *huge* amounts of energy to create this image!
Doug Carlin: Alright, how huge?
Denny: Well you remember that little blackout we had a few years back, we blamed Canada, Canada blamed Michigan...
Doug Carlin: Half the northeast. You're saying you guys...
Denny: 50 million homes?
Gunnars: (raises hand) My bad!
Denny: Well, I still say we blame Canada, but...

Denny: Awww... That was tender. I wish I had someone.

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