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Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid quotes

Juliette Forrest: But what does "FOC" mean?
Rigby Reardon: It's a slang word. It's when a man and a woman are in love, the man puts his...
Juliette Forrest: No, no. It's written here: "F. O. C."

Rigby Reardon: I guess to be a really good exterminator, you have to enjoy killing things.
Hired Gun: Yeah.

Rigby Reardon: The paper said you were hit in the head by a flying wrench in the machine shop. Friends of Carlotta are after you because you know too much.
Captain Jarrett: I see what you mean.
Rigby Reardon: So the flying wrench was no accident.
Captain Jarrett: For a minute I thought it was.
Rigby Reardon: Something like that may happen again, so...

Field Marshall Von Kluck: (to his na** minions) Cowards! Fools! I'll do it myself! (He runs over to throw the lever that will launch the cheese mold bombs on America)
Rigby Reardon: Sorry, pal, you're through! (He fires his gun and shoots Von Kluck in the arm)
Field Marshall Von Kluck: Not quite! (He throws one of the five levers and runs to the map of the United States which is spread out on the table. Reardon throws an object at the lever and reverses it, as Von Kluck collapses over the map, part of which is beginning to dissolve)
Field Marshall Von Kluck: At least ve got Terre Haute, Indiana!
Rigby Reardon: da**. And they were just about to get a public library.

Rigby Reardon: (in anguish after being shot in the EXACT same place for the second time) This is never going to heal!

Rigby Reardon: Would you like a puppy?
Puppy Secretary: I'd love a dog!
Rigby Reardon: And here's something for you
Duty Secretary: Thank you!... EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Field Marshal Von Kluck: It is customary in zese situations for ze developer of ze plan to describe it.
Rigby Reardon: I beg your pardon. It's also customary for the private eye to tell how he figured it out.
Field Marshal Von Kluck: No, it is my right! We were able to dupe Dr. Forrest by posing as a humanitarian organization who planned to wipe out hunger, by ageing cheese faster.
Rigby Reardon: But when your father finally saw what they were doing, he...
Field Marshal Von Kluck: - he started to assemble lists of our agents...
Rigby Reardon: - and seemed about to go to the FBI.
Field Marshal Von Kluck: So we were obliged to kidnap him, drug him and bring him...
Rigby Reardon: - here! First faking his death so there'd be no investigation.
Field Marshal Von Kluck: But vile testing ze mold on a small island nearby...
Rigby Reardon: - the cruise ship "Immer Essen" passed by. Some of the passengers saw the tiny island dissolve.
Field Marshal Von Kluck: Zey were zerfore labeled "enemies" because of what zey haf seen. We had Walter Neff cancel all further tours and our...
Field Marshal Von Kluck: - friends systematically began to eliminate everyone who was on that cruise ship!
Field Marshal Von Kluck: Schweinhund!
Rigby Reardon: Jerk!

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