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Days of Thunder quotes

Harry Hogge: (speaking to Cole condescendingly about engines) Now Cole, when that little needle goes up into the red and reads *nine thousand RPM*, that's bad!

Tim Daland: (Talking to the team after a poor showing at Rockingham but asks Cole and Harry to stay) I had sponsors in the stands, we were hugging and holding hands, praying for good showing and what do we do? We end up looking like a monkey fu***** a football out there. Everybody out, please, except you two.

Tim Daland: We messed up big time on Sunday. I had sponsors in thew stands and I'm huggin' and holdin' hands and kissin'em in the ears and prayin' for a good showin'. And what do we do? We end up lookin' like a monkey fu****' a football out there. Everybody out, PLEASE. (Everyone gets up)
Tim Daland: (to Cole and Harry) ... Except you two. I've got a question. What is the one thing you absolutely need to do to win a race?
Harry Hogge: That's pretty da** obvious...
Tim Daland: You keep quiet. (to Cole)
Tim Daland: You need to finish the race!
Cole Trickle: Tim, I realize Harry's been around a long time. I'm not sayin' that his ways are antiquated but it'd help to have a car that handled properly and didn't blow engines.
Harry Hogge: Well if he wouldn't get excited and over-rev the son-of-a-bi*** the engine wouldn't blow. Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's BAD.
Cole Trickle: It's also my fault that the tires blow if you ask this old fart!
Harry Hogge: Well, Hell yes it's your fault. There's 40 other vultures out there who manage to finish the race on THEIR tires. You see Darrell Waltrip usin' up HIS tires?
Cole Trickle: There's nothin' I can't do with a race car.
Harry Hogge: Well, that's the difference between you and me. There's only so much I CAN do.
Cole Trickle: Well, that's obvious!
Tim Daland: Harry, he doesn't need to appreciate your job to do his.
Harry Hogge: He sure as hell does 'cause how can he expect to race if he don't know what a race car can and can't do?
Cole Trickle: What is this sh**, huh? You want me to work the pit and YOU drive. Fine, we'll try that. (Cole leaves the room)
Harry Hogge: I can't talk to this son of a bi***... I can't talk to that son of a bi***... I just can't... I can't... I... I...
Tim Daland: You think he can drive?
Harry Hogge: Oh he can drive. He can drive beyond the limits of the tires, the engine, the car or anything else. If the sum' bi*** listened to me we wouldn't hardly ever lose a race!
Tim Daland: If they don't give us a sponsor in the next couple of races, my as* is fried. I'm liable to be out of the car business all together. And Harry, I know you're great, you know you're great, but if the guy in the car doesn't trust you we're never gonna win a da** race.

Female Trooper: Looks like we found something.
Male Trooper: What's that?
Female Trooper: A concealed weapon.

Rowdy Burns: (after arriving at the hospital after the accident at Daytona) Go screw yourself.
Dr. Claire Lewicki: What was that Mr. Burns?
Rowdy Burns: I wouldn't tell you to do that, doc.

NASCAR Official: (after noticing Tim and his pit crew helping Cole's pit crew push Cole on to the race track) Hey! You can't do that, that's not your car.
Tim Daland: It's my engine in that car, I gave them that engine and that's what my boys are pushing. (pats him on the back)

Tim Daland: You said you'd look at him.
Harry Hogge: I've looked at him.
Tim Daland: I paid twenty five hundred dollars to use this track today, Harry.
Cole Trickle: Forget it, he needs a brand name like Exkon or Richard Petty.
Harry Hogge: Well, I know a da** race driver when I see one.

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