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Dark Shadows quotes

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: (to Victoria) Welcome to Collinwood. You'll have to imagine us on a better day.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: What do you think of the President?
Victoria Winters: Never met him.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: What do you think of the war?
Victoria Winters: I don't watch television.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Do you think the sexes should be equal?
Victoria Winters: Heavens, no. Men would become quite unmanageable.
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: I think we're going to get along fine.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard: Angelique! Get out of my house! (fires at Angelique with a shotgun)
Angelique Bouchard: Your house?

Barnabas Collins: (enters Dr Hoffman's laboratory) We must intensify our efforts! I have an urgent need to be human again! (stops short)
Dr. Julia Hoffman: I can explain...
Barnabas Collins: My God! You're not using your blood to make me human - you're using my blood, to make yourself immortal!
Dr. Julia Hoffman: Barnabas, you have a gift. You better get a hold over yourself...
Barnabas Collins: The Collins family took you in and bestowed their sacred trust upon you, and you brazenly betray that trust?
Dr. Julia Hoffman: I'm sorry. I just didn't want to grow old. I want to be beautiful, and I want to live forever like you...
Barnabas Collins: I am afraid that is out of the question!

Barnabas Collins: Do you have any idea what you put me through?
Angelique Bouchard: Get over it, Barnabas!
Barnabas Collins: Locked in a box, for over two hundred years!
Angelique Bouchard: Don't exaggerate, it was only a hundred and ninety-six.

Barnabas Collins: I am terribly sorry, but you cannot imagine how thirsty I am... (bites him)

Angelique Bouchard: (wanting Barnabas to love her) What if I made you?
Barnabas Collins: With what, a spell? A little doll with pins? That is not love!
Angelique Bouchard: With THIS! (starts to strip)
Barnabas Collins: Oh.
Angelique Bouchard: With the body you once begged me for!
Barnabas Collins: I must admit, those have not aged a day...

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