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Daredevil quotes

Jose Quesada: What do *you* want?
Daredevil: Justice.

Ben Urich: Go get 'em, Matt.
Daredevil: (nods) Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood. I prowl the rooftops and alleyways at night, watching from the darkness. Forever in darkness. A guardian devil.

Matt Murdock: Her name's Elektra Natchios.
Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson: Well, she sounds like a Mexican appetizer.
Matt Murdock: It's Greek, genius. Her father's Nikolas Natchios.
Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson: The billionaire?
Matt Murdock: Yeah, see? Yes, the billionaire.
Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson: Well, then, as your attorney in this matter I advise you to marry the woman immediately.

Bullseye: Hey, orphan, let's play.

Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson: I'm gonna fill you in on a little secret, Matt. This place doesn't look like a law office, okay? It looks like the set of go***** "Sanford and Son". Every time I walk in here, I'm waiting for Lamont to walk down the stairs.

Father Everett: A man without fear is a man without hope.

Matt Murdock: (Elektra is leaving her father's funeral and Matt is waiting for her) I know how you feel.
Elektra: You don't know how I feel. I want revenge.
Matt Murdock: Revenge won't make the pain go away. Trust me, I know.
Elektra: There's no place for me now.
Matt Murdock: Yes there is. Stay. Stay with me, please. (it starts to rain & Matt takes off his sunglasses to see Elektra then she puts up her umbrella and he can't see her anymore)
Matt Murdock: (she starts to leave) Elektra. Elektra, wait! Please

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