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Dantes Peak quotes

Graham Wando: Show us one more trick.
Lauren Wando: Maybe one more?
Rachel: Maybe Harry's tired.
Harry Dalton: (putting down his drink) One more.

Rachel: Do you have a family?
Harry Dalton: No.
Rachel: Why not?
Harry Dalton: Well, for one thing, I move around alot. Mexico, Alaska, South America, The Philippines, New Guinea, basically where there's a volcano with an attitude.

Paul Dreyfus: We're picking up some activity around Dante's Peak.
Harry Dalton: This is a joke right? Dante's Peak?

Terry, USGS Crew: Stan, how long's this light been blinking?
Stan: I dunno, a couple of days?
Terry, USGS Crew: (realizing that this means Harry is still alive) Thank you NASA! (others look at him quizically)
Terry, USGS Crew: Thank you NASA! Thank You NASA! THANK YOU NASA!

Terry, USGS Crew: I have great taste in women! When have I ever steered you wrong?
Harry Dalton: What about Astrid?
Terry, USGS Crew: What about Astrid? I thought the two of you would have a lot in common. She said she was into rocks.
Harry Dalton: Crystals, Terry. Crystals. Not rocks. Crystals.

Harry Dalton: Ever been deep sea fishing? (the Children nod no)
Harry Dalton: Neither have I. Listen, when we get out of here, we'll go to Florida, and we'll get us a boat, and gather all of the yummy bait that we can possibly get our hands on, then we'll catch us a big, old fat fish.

Harry Dalton: I move around a lot: Colombia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Mexico, New Zealand, New Guinea... wherever there's a volcano with an attitude.

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