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Dances with Wolves quotes

John Dunbar: I am Lieutenant John J. Dunbar and this is my post.

John Dunbar: (voice-over) It was hard to know how to feel. I had never been in a battle like this one. This had not been a fight for territory or riches or to make men free. This battle had no ego. It had been fought to preserve the food stores that would see us through winter, to protect the lives of women and children and loved ones only a few feet away. I felt a pride I had never felt before.

John Dunbar: (at the celebration of the buffalo feast, noticing a big Sioux man has his Lieutenant's hat) That's my hat... that's my hat!
Big Warrior: (in Lakota, as all becomes quiet in the tent) I found it on the prarie. It's mine.
Wind In His Hair: (stands up, in Lakota) The hat belongs to Lieutenant.
Big Warrior: He left it on the prarie. He didn't want it.
Wind In His Hair: Well, you can see he wants it now. We all know it's a soldier hat. We all know who wears it. If you want to keep it, that's fine. But give something for it. (the Sioux takes his knife and sheath off his belt and gives it to Dunbar)
Wind In His Hair: (in English, to Dunbar) Good... trade!

Ten Bears: (in Lakota; subtitled) Let us smoke a while.
John Dunbar: (voiceover) With Ten Bears, it was always more than a while. There was purpose in everything he did, and I knew he wanted me to stay. But I was sure of myself. I would be an excuse, and that's all the Army would need to find this place. I pushed him as far as I could to move the camp. But in the end, he only smiled and talked of simple pleasures. He reminded me that at his age, a good fire was better than anything. Ten Bears was an extraordinary man.

General Tide: (after Dunbar's suicide attempt at the enemy lines) You rest easy, son. You'll keep your leg, as God is my judge, you'll keep it.

John Dunbar: The strangeness of this life cannot be measured: in trying to produce my own death, I was elevated to the status of a living hero.

Sergeant Pepper: (at the inactive battlefield) Some of the boys are saying that if we ain't gonna fight we could just settle the whole business with a little high stakes poker. Wouldn't that be a sight... a bunch of fellas sitting in the middle of this field drawing cards...

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