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Daddy Day Care quotes

Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan: Rock for Daddy Day Care... Do you know what this means?
Jenny: A... chance to prove ourselves in a little healthy competition?
Mrs. Gwyneth Harridan: No, you bubble-headed idiot. It's a deathwish.

Mr. Carrott: B-R-O-C-C-O-L-I! I am the broccoli and don't know why! C-A-R-R-O AND A T! Carrots are healthy for you and me!

Charlie Hinton: (after Crispin had kicked Charlie in the shin) I'll see you tomorrow Crispin. Tomorrow!

Charlie Hinton: Today we need some organization and planned activities.
Phil: No. We need Ritalin and leashes, that's what we need.

Charlie Hinton: If you don't stop it with that Star Trek stuff, I'm gonna push you in that sticker bush.

Ben: Good morning, Daddy.
Charlie Hinton: Hey, Ben, how you doing, man? (yawn)
Charlie Hinton: Oh, God. Daddy's got to get ready for work.
Ben: Can't you stay home?
Charlie Hinton: No, I got a big day at work today. A real big day.

Ben: Remember when you broke my yo-yo?
Charlie Hinton: I did not break your yo-yo.
Ben: You did!
Charlie Hinton: I did not break your yo-yo.
Ben: Yes, you did!
Charlie Hinton: Your yo-yo was broke.
Ben: Yes, you did! Yes, you did! Admit-admit it! Ya killin me! Ya really killin me!

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