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D.C. Cab quotes

Irene Cara: Are you always dressed like that?
Tyrone: (as Uncle Sam) No, last week I was the Statue of Liberty, but I couldn't get the crown on over my curlers.

Tyrone: (shouting in megaphone) You better come out now, you scumbags!
Harold: Cops don't talk like that.
Tyrone: They do to me.

Samson: Why don't you get off the street and get a decent job?
Hooker In Mr. T's Cab: Cause I need the bread!
Samson: Then get a job at the bakery.

Tyrone: Tell me you're wearing your daddy's boots!
Albert Hockenberry: What?
Tyrone: Tell me you're wearing your daddy's boots!
Albert Hockenberry: I'm wearing them!

FBI Chief: Did Albert ever discuss his political convictions with you?
Dell: Albert don't have no political convictions. He's an American!

Maudie: (stopping Albert in diner as he tries to sneak off to talk to Claudette) Mister, now someday a handsome young man who is not a Cabbie is gonna walk through that door, carrying flowers and chocolates and some other gifts. And he is going to present himself and ask permission to take Claudette out on a respectable date. Now until that time, I want you to think of this place as a convent and her as a nun! Get it? N-O-N-E! Get out!

Tyrone: Albert, if I get killed I'm gonna kick your as*!

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