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Cowboys and Aliens quotes

Wes Claiborne: (to Jake) We're riding towards Absolution. You know how far west we are? (Jake doesn't answer)
Mose Claiborne: Maybe he's a dummy.
Wes Claiborne: Is there a reason you're not answering my question?
Mose Claiborne: Look here, Pa. He's got iron on his wrist. He's been shot. Could be done broke out of hoosegow. Might be worth bounty.
Wes Claiborne: Might could be.

Woodrow Dolarhyde: Run these ledgers back to the bank for me, will you? Tell them I need some new checks.
Percy Dolarhyde: Okay.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I want the new ones to read "Dolarhyde and Son." That sound good to you?
Percy Dolarhyde: Yes. Yes, sir.

Woodrow Dolarhyde: You weren't gonna leave without saying goodbye, were you?
Jake Lonergan: I'm a wanted man.
Woodrow Dolarhyde: I could have sworn I saw Jake Lonergan die in those caves, didn't you, Sheriff?
Sheriff John Taggart: da** shame. I was looking forward to hanging him myself.

Jake Lonergan: I've been shot.
Meacham: Only two kinds of men get shot: criminals and victims. Which one are you?
Jake Lonergan: I don't know.
Meacham: You got a name, friend?
Jake Lonergan: I don't know that either.
Meacham: Just what do you know?
Jake Lonergan: English.

Pat Dolan: So, I'm gonna ask you one last time. Where is it, Jake?
Jake Lonergan: Demons.
Pat Dolan: What's that?
Jake Lonergan: Demons took your gold. When you get to hell, you can ask for it back.

Woodrow Dolarhyde: What the hell?

Doc: (referring to Meacham's grave) Wait. Aren't we gonna say some words over him?
Woodrow Dolarhyde: Only one who knows what to say is in the ground. Ain't it enough we took the time to put him there?

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