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Congo quotes

Captain Wanta: Stop eating my sesame cake.
Herkermer Homolka: (stops in mid bite, eyes wide)
Captain Wanta: Stop eating my sesame cake!

Dr. Karen Ross: Why teach an ape to talk?
Dr. Peter Elliot: "A lonely impulse of delight."
Dr. Karen Ross: William Butler Yates.
Dr. Peter Elliot: Very good.
Dr. Karen Ross: Did it work? You're not lonely anymore?
Dr. Peter Elliot: Why are *you* going to Africa?
Dr. Karen Ross: To find something I lost...

Amy the Gorilla: Ugly gorillas. Ugly. Go away.

Dr. Karen Ross: Are you serving that ape a martini?

Monroe: Quite frankly, the twentieth century sucks. Maybe the twenty-first will be better.

Dr. Peter Elliot: Excuse me, we already hired a guide: Robertson...
Eddie Ventro: Robertson Reynolds, yeah, I fired him.
Dr. Peter Elliot: You what?
Eddie Ventro: Robertson Reynolds is a bird-watcher.
Dr. Peter Elliot: I hired Robertson Reynolds!
Eddie Ventro: You would! You have any idea what's going on in the Congo as of the radio show this morning? The Kigani have had it with Zaire, AND they're eating people. You go in there with Robertson Reynolds, you'll be coming out somebody's bowel movement.

Captain Wanta: So Dr. Ross, I see you used to work for the C.I.A, and now you're Travi Com. Travi Com pays better than the C.I.A?
Dr. Karen Ross: You have a BIG mouth.
Captain Wanta: Everybody says that about me!

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