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Cold Mountain quotes

Inman: I'm wetter than a fish.

Inman: Ada, I wanna marry you. If you'll have me.
Ada: Isn't there some religion where you just say I marry you, three times, and then you're man and wife?
Inman: I marry you, I marry you, I marry you. (Ada laughs)
Inman: Why is that funny?
Ada: No, I think it's I divorce you three times and then you're not married anymore.

Ada: Ruby, this fence may be the first thing I ever did that might produce an actual result.

Ruby: (to Ada) We got our own story. Called Black Cove Farm: a catastrophe. I can spell it, too. Learned it the same place you did, in the school room. One of the first words they taught me. "Ruby Thewes, you are a c-a-t-a-s-t-r-o-p-h-e!"

Inman: I imagine God is weary of being called down on both sides of an argument.

Ada: Hello, I'm Ada Monroe.
Inman: I'm Inman.
Ada: Inman?
Inman: W.P. Inman.
Ada: (repeats it) W.P. Inman.
Inman: Repeating a thing doesn't improve it.

Inman: Move away from the baby!
Bardolph: Don't shoot.
Inman: Take off your boots. Take off your pants and your shirt. (Bardolph takes off his boots, pants, and shirt)
Bardolph: Don't shoot me, please. We're starving. We haven't eaten.
Inman: You'd better get running before you catch your death of cold.
Bardolph: Thanks, thank you. I will. (Bardolph starts to run, and then Sara shoots him)

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