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Cinderella (1981) quotes

Grand Duke: Come, my child. (beckons to the Page Boy, who runs carrying the slipper. The stepmother sticks out her cane and trips him, causing the slipper to shatter into pieces)
Grand Duke: Oh, no! Oh, no, no. Oh, no. Oh, this is terrible. The King! What will he say? (clutches throat)
Grand Duke: What will he *do*?
Cinderella: But, perhaps, if it would help...
Grand Duke: (sobbing) No, no, nothing can help now. Nothing!
Cinderella: (bringing out the other glass slipper) But, you see, I have the other slipper.

Stepmother: (to Cinderella when she drops the crockery) You clumsy little fool!

Fairy Godmother: Well, hop in my, dear. We can't waste time.
Cinderella: But, uh...
Fairy Godmother: Uh, uh, now, now, now, don't-don't try to thank me.
Cinderella: Oh, I wasn't... I mean, I do, but-but don't you think my dress...
Fairy Godmother: Yes, it's lovely, dear, lov... (realizing)
Fairy Godmother: Good Heavens, child! You can't go in that.

Cinderella: (upon hearing of the royal ball) Why, that means I can go, too.
Drizella: (to Anastasia and Stepmother) Hah! Her, dancing with the Prince.
Anastasia: (mocking Cinderella) I'd be honored, Your Highness. Would you mind holding my broom. Ha Ha!

Drizella: (ordering Cinderella in bedroom when being brought breakfast) Take that ironing and have it back in an hour! One hour, you hear?

Cinderella: Your Grace. Your Grace. Please, wait. May I try it on?
Stepmother: Oh. Pay no attention to HER.
Anastasia: It's only Cinderella.
Drizella: Our scullery maid...
Anastasia: From the kitchen.
Drizella: It's ridiculous.
Anastasia: Impossible.
Drizella: She's out of her mind.
Stepmother: Yes, yes. Just an imaginitive child!
Grand Duke: (in an official and impatient tone) Madam, my orders were *every* maiden!

Jaq: Lucify. That's him. Meany, sneaky. Jump at you. Bite at you!

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