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Cheech and Chongs Next Movie quotes

Cheech: Holy sheep sh**! It's guitar heaven!

Cheech: Somebody ripped off the thing I ripped off!

Chong: I dig it, man. It's good. But you know, while you were singing that, I came up with another song, man.
Cheech: Oh, yeah?
Chong: Yeah. It's like the same thing, only different.

Cheech: (seeing a jar with a yellowish fluid inside) Hey Man, what took you so long. Hey, can have some of that man, let me have a sip.
Chong: What, this, oh here. (hands him the jar)
Cheech: Yeah man... wait a minute, (sniffs the inside)
Cheech: Hey man, that's pee!
Chong: Of course.
Cheech: Hey man, what are you doing with pee, man?
Chong: It's for my probation officer.
Cheech: What, does he drink pee?
Chong: No man, he said he wanted me to bring some in next time, but I forgot to rinse the jar out first, and once he sees the mayonnaise floatin' around, he'll think I'm on some weird drug again, and I'm really gonna f**k with his mind this time.
Cheech: Yeah, what did you do?
Chong: Put my SISTERS pee in it.
Cheech: (laughs it out) Your sister?
Chong: Yeah, she's pregnant! (both laugh)
Cheech: So, how about it man, did she get the weed?
Chong: No man, she's out of it, We're just waiting on some from Columbia.

Gloria's Mom: (while driving) Watch the road.
Cheech: OK, where's it gonna go.

Cheech (singing): Mexican Americans / love education / so they go to night school / and take Spanish / and get a B.

Cheech: (Cheech is covered in ashes after the car explosion) Oh, uh... I'm with the Towering Inferno, man.

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