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Cheech and Chong Still Smokin quotes

Chong: (sings) Got one leg on my shoulder. Two legs on my shoulder. (muffled singing continues)

Cheech: Now you know what I want you to do, don't you? And it ain't prayin', cop.

Cheech: We should have a dope-a-thon. You know try to raise money for like all the people that lost there crops.

Cheech: (singing) Dope! Do-o-o-o-pe! How come nobody don't want to buy no dope? Dope, I say dope I say do-o-o-o-o-pe. Who wants to buy dope?

Chong: You know I could be your daddy
Cheech: you could be my daddy, man?
Chong: yeah, I used to fu** buffalo.

Chong: (as Blind Melon Chitlin) I wanna sing a little tune I wrote one day while I was beatin' my old lady, it's called "GOING DOWNTOWN GONNA SEE MY GIRL"