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Cannonball Run II quotes

King: I order you back to America to win the Cannonball Run. I give you one last chance because you are my only son with a driver's license.
Shiek: But, Pop, there is no Cannonball Run this year.
King: So, buy one.

Marcie: Does it look bad?
Mack: Not from where I'm standing.
Jill: Oh, can you fix it then?
Mack: Honey, I've got a tool that'll fix anything.

Captain Chaos: J.J... Long time, no see.
J.J. McClure: Nice to see you, Captain Chaos.
Captain Chaos: Have no fear, 'Him' is here.

Don Don Canneloni: Hymie Kaplan. What a surprise. Ooh, ohh, wow. You look great. So, what brings you to the Pinto Ranch? Business or pleasure?
Hymie Kaplan: May I have a chair?
Don Don Canneloni: Oh, certainly. (Hymie picks up a chair and smashes it over his henchman who doesn't even flinch)
Don Don Canneloni: Oh. It's business.

Victor: (J.J. has just performed a dangerous stunt) I figured it out. If we do this ten times a day, by the end of the year, we'll be billionaires. (Victor tears up a telegram)
J.J. McClure: What is that?
Victor: Oh, don't worry about that. It's the Cannonball race. It's on again. A million dollars is the first prize. But don't you worry, we'll be billionaires. (J.J. picks up a handful of hay and stuffs it into Victor's mouth)
Victor: What did I say?
J.J. McClure: You want me to do this ten times a day?
Victor: Nine? (J.J. stuffs another handful of hay in his mouth)
Victor: What a grouch!

Captain Chaos: The Cannonball Run is a race from Connecticut to your as*.

Blake: Is the Blimp driving?
Fenderbaum: No, it's the General.
Blake: The General? Oh, I'm gonna make a private outta him.

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