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Brother Bear quotes

Tanana: I don't speak "bear".

Rutt: I can't believe you totaled a mammoth.
Tuke: Hey, that mountain came out of nowhere.
Rutt: I cannot accept what you have to say.
Tuke: Oh, come on, it was in my blind spot!

Rutt: Oh, I wouldn't go that way, eh.
Tuke: Why not?
Rutt: Uh, there was a reason.
Tuke: Well you brought it up.
Rutt: I'm trying, but you keep talking... (Kenai is caught in a snare and the moose watch him bounce around)
Tuke: So, you think of it yet?
Rutt: No, but it's driving me nuts too, eh?

Tuke: Do you wanna play "I Spy"?
Rutt: Yeah.
Tuke: Okay, I spy something... green.
Rutt: Tree?
Tuke: Ohh!
Rutt: Okay, my turn. I spy something... tall.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: Ohh!
Tuke: My turn. I spy something... with bark.
Rutt: Tree.
Tuke: Ohh!
Rutt: Okay, I spy something... a vertical log.
Tuke: Tree.
Rutt: Ohh!
Tuke: Okay, I spy...
Rutt: Tree!
Tuke: Ohh!
Rutt: Okay...
Tuke: Tree!
Rutt: But I didn't spy anything!
Tuke: It counts! (pause)
Rutt: Tree!
Tuke: Ohh, let's play something else.

Mabel: This year, I lost my dear husband, Edgar.
Tuke: I love... dew.
Rutt: I love dew too.

Tuke: Get out, eh. I'm driving.
Rutt: Wha... when can I have a turn, eh?
Tuke: It's not as easy as it looks. Now just watch what I do, okay?
Rutt: Well, let's get a back seat or something. It looks like ya hunted me.

Koda: (asleep) Two more months, Mom...

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