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Brother Bear quotes

Tanana: Kenai, love is the most precious of totems. It reveals itself in unexpected ways.

Tanana: Kenai, I have been to the mountain where the lights touch the earth, and the Great Spirits have revealed to me your totem. To become a man, your actions must be guided by one thing: Your totem is... love. Yes, love.
Kenai: (disappointed) The bear of love?
Tanana: A love that connects and unites all living things.

Denahi: Killing that bear won't make you a man.
Kenai: Oh, NOW you're trying to be wise?
Denahi: I'm trying to follow my totem. Why can't you do the same?
Kenai: You really think love has anything to do with being a man? A MAN wouldn't just sit here and do nothing.

Koda: (playing with his reflection in an iceberg) Skinny... fat! Skinny... fat!

Koda: Those monsters are real scary. Especially with their sticks.

Kenai: Don't DO that!
Koda: Scared you, didn't I?
Kenai: There's scared... and then there's surprised.
Koda: And you were both! Whoa... (he looks away for a second, hinting for Kenai to try. Kenai gives his best effort at roaring)
Koda: Nice try. Uh, you got a little spit right there...

Sitka: Now, the quicker we get these fish, the faster we're gonna get to your ceremony. So let's all just try and get along for a few hours! Okay, Denahi?
Denahi: Whatever you say!
Sitka: Okay, Ken- (notices he isn't holding Kenai anymore)
Kenai: (already in his boat) So? What are we waiting for?

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