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Broken Arrow (1996) quotes

Vic Deakins: I just realized something. I never actually killed anyone before. I mean, I dropped bombs on Baghdad, but, uh... never face to face. (pause)
Vic Deakins: . I don't know what the big deal is. I really don't.

Kelly: Deak, you da man.

Vic Deakins: Smile boys we're about to retire!

Riley Hale: (points a gun at Baker) You can get out now.
Baker: (points his gun at Terry) I don't know, looks like we got ourselves a stand-off.
Riley Hale: (Hale lowers his gun and shoots Baker in the leg. Baker screams and loses control of his gun) (ramming Baker's head into the steering wheel)
Riley Hale: NO-WE-DON'T! (Throws Baker out of the Humvee)

Terry Carmichael: Just put it down, and I won't have to kill you.
Riley Hale: This isn't a standoff. I've got the gun.
Terry Carmichael: I never keep it loaded. (Hale is momentarily distacted; Terry acquires the gun and points it at him)
Riley Hale: Thought you said it wasn't loaded?
Terry Carmichael: (fires a shot into the air) I LIED!

Max: (Terry attacks Max with a hammer. He easily blocks her and throws her aside) We haven't met. I'm Max. (she tries again and fails)
Max: You probably thought I was a computer nerd, didn't ya? (laughs)
Max: Wrong! I was a Navy SEAL, lady. You really should see what I can do... with just my thumb. (he draws a pistol, Terry picks up the hammer and throws it killing him)

Vic Deakins: Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?

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