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Bringing Down the House quotes

Charlene Morton: I get a wedgie just walking in your office.

Ashley: (to Charlene) You messed with the wrong W.A.S.P. bi***.

Peter Sanderson: And believe me, Sarah is going places! (Charlene looks out the window to see Sarah sneaking out and getting into a car with a boy)
Charlene Morton: Oh, she's going places alright.

Peter Sanderson: You are such an as*... (drinks water)
Peter Sanderson: ... set to this company.

Charlene Morton: Pretend I'm your wife. Talk dirty to me.
Peter Sanderson: Um, okay... I wanna kiss you A LOT!
Charlene Morton: No no no! Dirtier...
Peter Sanderson: I wanna give you - an aromatherapy massage!
Charlene Morton: Try harder!
Peter Sanderson: I wanna have SEXUAL INTERCOURSE with...
Charlene Morton: I give up!

Peter Sanderson: Ashley! Who are you doing here?

Peter Sanderson: Charlene, what is this particular taste? It's familiar, yet... what is it, some sort of an herb, like sage?
Charlene Morton: Naw... it's more like a milk of mint.
Peter Sanderson: Well, whatever it is, the taste is explosive!
Charlene Morton: Well, good then! Enjoy!

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