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Bring It On quotes

Courtney: sorry new girl, but nobody hit your buzzer...

Whitney: (Courtney and Whitney notice Torrance flirting with Cliff) Oh, don't play dumb. We're better at it then you.
Courtney: You were having cheer-sex with him!

Darcy: Big Red ran the show, man. We were just flying ignorami, for sobbing out loud.

Darcy: Can she yell?
Torrance Shipman: I don't know, let's try an oldie. (Torrance tests a standard cheer on her)
Torrance Shipman: Awesome, oh wow! Like, totally freak me out! I mean, right on! The Toros sure are number one!
Missy: (cheering) I transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort! (back to normal tone)
Missy: OK, so I never cheered before. So what? What about doing something that actually requires neurons.

Isis: Hey! Enjoy the show?
Lava: Yes, were the ethnic festivities to your liking today?

Jan: Hey, ladies, wanna see my spirit stick?

Torrance Shipman: Get out of here!
Justin Shipman: Hey, this is the living room, it's public domain!
Justin Shipman: (after Torrance cannot get through to her boyfriend Aaron on the phone) I'll take out famous losers for $200, Alex.
Torrance Shipman: Shut up, moron!
Justin Shipman: It's not my fault you're in love with a big gay cheerleader who won't return your phone calls.
Torrance Shipman: Aaron isn't gay!
Justin Shipman: Oh, so someone just made him become a cheerleader?
Torrance Shipman: He's just busy!
Justin Shipman: Yeah, busy scamming on guys!
Torrance Shipman: Give me that! (rips out Justin's Nintendo game connection)
Justin Shipman: bi***!

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