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Breakdown quotes

Billy, Gang Member: (to Jeff) If some hotshot fu** like you ain't watching his bottom line, it'd be the FIRST time in history!

Amy: (reading a doughnut package) If you win this mail-in contest, you can choose between 90,000 dollars, or 90,000 donuts. What would you do with 90,000 donuts?

Red: (Jeff forces Red and his family to get into the cellar) You better remember this, fella cuz no matter where you go...
Jeff: You fu**! (kicks him in the face, sending him falling down the cellar)

Billy, Gang Member: (to Jeff) You the fella looking for his wife?

Red: You're a tough man to get a hold of, Jeffery.
Jeff: What do you want?
Red: It's not what I want, it's what you want, and how bad you want it. 'Cause it's gonna cost you. Can't show it to you right now, but it's about 5'5", 115 pounds, three or four of that just pure ti*. Nice curly brown hair, upstairs and down. Interested?

Red Barr: Now, before you get any half-baked ideas about calling in the cavalry, just remember we're gonna be watching you every step of the way. And we'll be listening to our police scanners. And if we see anything unusual, an unmarked car or truck, or if we see you talking to anyone who even remotely smells like a cop... well, you can just keep your fu***** money, Jeff, and I'll keep your wife. And I'll mail you pieces of her from time to time.

Jeff: (pointing a gun at Red) You'd better pray she's still alive.

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