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Bolt quotes

Young Penny: (points to puppy Bolt, decisively) That one.

Rhino: Bolt! I can be a valuable addition to your team...
Bolt: I'm listening...
Rhino: I'm lightning quick, I have razor-sharp reflexes. Wha! And I'm a master of stealth. (laughs)
Rhino: Plus, I'll keep the cat in check. (Mittens rolls her eyes)
Bolt: (Gets down close to Rhino's ball) The road'll be rough.
Rhino: (indicates) I have a ball.
Bolt: There's no turnin' back.
Rhino: Guess I'll have to "roll" with the punches! ("surfs" his ball)
Bolt: Easy won't be part of the equation...
Rhino: Promise?
Bolt: I gotta warn ya, going into the belly of the beast - danger at every turn.
Rhino: (getting closer) I eat danger for breakfast!
Bolt: You hungry?
Rhino: (cracks neck) Starving!

Penny: That's a keeper!

Rhino: Would you relax? Every time he did this on the magic box it was awesome.
Mittens: Magic what?
Rhino: You know, the magic box people stare at.
Mittens: Wait a minute! Does this magic box have moving pictures on it?
Rhino: Yeah, and Bolt's pictures are the best!
Mittens: Bolt's pictures. Of course! He's from a...

Rhino: (after seeing UFOs in an episode of "Bolt") That is totally unrealistic.
Bolt: Absolutely ridonculous.
Mittens: You can say that again.

Rhino: (running, catching up to Bolt) I'm on your six.

Rhino: So, where's Penny?
Bolt: She was kidnapped by the Green-Eyed Man.
Rhino: Kidnapped? This is terrible! She could be in grave...
Bolt: Grave danger, I know. But I've captured this cat.
Rhino: An agent of the Green-Eyed Man, I presume?
Bolt: Oh, you presume correctly. She's taking me to Penny.
Rhino: You - you are vile vermin! How do you sleep at night? Penny is most wonderful person ever, and she loves Bolt, and he's awesome, and you're a monster! How dare you disrupt their relationship with your evil? (Jumps at Mittens)
Rhino: Die! Die!
Bolt: (Restraining him) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Rhino: I can take her, Bolty! Let me at them! Die! Die!

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