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Blue Streak quotes

Miles Logan: Diaz, is it? Diaz?
Detective Diaz: With a 'Z'.

Miles Logan: Hey, this is the police. Move your busted-as* vehicle. Move, move, move, move. This is the LAPD. We'll pop one in your as*. We got guns and sh**.

Miles Logan: No, I'm over your head, because your head's up your as*.

Miles Logan: Yo tengo el gato los pantalones.
Carlson: You just said you have a cat in your pants.

Miles Logan: "Can't believe so much bad sh** can happen on such a beautiful day."

Miles Logan: 5th and Grand? To protect and to - - ? (throws a fit)

FBI Agent Gray: All right Detective Malone. Now the objective here is to have these individuals look upon you as if you were one of them, a member of the criminal underworld. So it's important that your actions, your speech, and your general mode of behavior is all congruent with their expectation of a fellow criminal.
Miles Logan: Oh, okay, I get it. S-sorta walk the walk.
FBI Agent Gray: That's right.
Miles Logan: Yeah.
FBI Agent Gray: You have to look, act, and even think like a criminal. And you're gonna have to change your speech patterns too. Most criminals like to use slang terminology, and profanity, and so forth, especially with regard to police and authority figures.
Miles Logan: Oh, you mean like, "Shut the hell up you d*ckless FBI..."?
FBI Agent Gray: Okay that's right, that'll do.
Miles Logan: "You stupid-as*..."
FBI Agent Gray: That'll do.
Miles Logan: No, "You tight-as*..."
FBI Agent Gray: Enough!

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