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Blade II quotes

Reinhardt: (after Blade beats an entire squad) Hmm. Well, like my daddy said right before he killed my mom, "Want anything done right, you gotta do it yourself." (he unsheathes Blade's sword)
Reinhardt: He also said... (he suddenly lunges with the sword. Blade traps it between his hands)
Blade: Can you blush? (disarms Reinhardt, catches the sword, and slices Reinhardt in half)

Priest: Look at them. Half of these bastards, they're not even pure bloods. I tell you what, why don't we just fu****' kill everyone? Just to make sure.

Blade: How long since he's been bitten?
Asad: About twenty minutes.
Chupa: His skin is fu***** burning!
Blade: He's already starting to change.
Reinhardt: (Priest keeps screaming) Will someone just shut him the fu** up? (Chupa puts his gun to Priest's chest)
Priest: (in vampire language) Kill me now, Chupa!
Chupa: (in vampire language) A man without fear... (shoots him six times through the chest but it doesn't kill him)
Asad: Hold on. Hold him, Chupa!
Reinhardt: Come on, man, just put him out of his fu***** misery! (Snowman pulls his sword)
Nyssa: Don't you get it? You can't finish him that way! (Snowman tosses his sword to Reinhardt who cuts off the top of Priest's head, without effect)
Blade: Move. (the Bloodpack moves. Blade shoots holes in the wall, letting in beams of sunlight)
Reinhardt: Back off! (Priest's body burns)

Whistler: Better get you some sunscreen, Buttercup.
Chupa: Listen, sh** kicker! You're about one cu** hair away from hillbilly heaven.
Whistler: I love it when you talk dirty.

Asad: (introducing the Bloodpack) Blade, meet the Bloodpack: Lighthammer, Verlaine, Priest, Snowman, Chupa, and Reinhardt.

Whistler: How'd you find me?
Blade: Started out in Moscow then Romania. They kept moving you around.
Whistler: How long was I gone? Months?
Blade: Too long.
Whistler: (to himself) Years.

Nyssa: You're not coming?
Scud: No. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

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