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Bill and Teds Bogus Journey quotes

Heaven's Gatekeeper: (to the Grim Reaper) Don't I know you?

Dead Ted: (to God) Keep up the good work.

Dead Bill: Best of seven?
Grim Reaper: da** RIGHT!

Evil Bill: I totally loogied on that good, dead me!

Chuck De Nomolos: It is time. They have reached the second crucial turning point in their destiny. Their message is about to reach millions. But, we will change all that. When our mission is successful, no longer will the world be dominated by the legacy of these two fools! No longer will we hear this. (plays air guitar)
Chuck De Nomolos: We will stop them now! Brothers and sisters, are we ready? (everybody co*** their guns)

Ted: Dude, how are we gonna get out of this? We don't got any time!
Bill: Yeah we do, dude. Look, after we get away from this guy, we use the booth. We time travel back to before the concert and set up the things we need to get him now.

Dead Bill: Ted.
Dead Ted: Yeah?
Dead Bill: If I die, you can have my Megadeth collection.
Dead Ted: But, dude, we're already dead.
Dead Bill: Oh. Well then they're yours, dude.

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