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Big Mommas House 2 quotes

Big Momma: Girl, you got a mean streak in you, and God don't like ugly.

Oshima: I'm, uh, going to have to wand you.
Big Momma: Wand me? Well, wand on. Find what you're looking for? (wand squeaking)
Big Momma: Tha-That's underwire.
Oshima: Yeah.
Big Momma: Keeping these fun bags off the floor is a full-time job.

Big Momma: I'm Hattie Mae Pierce, but you can call me Big Momma everybody calls me Big Momma.

Big Momma: What do we want Mrs. Fuller?
Leah Fuller: Umm... more bu**?

Malcolm: You never know when Big Momma might show up again!

Mall Old Man: (to Malcolm as he's hiding from his wife in the mall) Been there.

Big Momma: Ooh! We got a gusher! Oh, my goodness! Oh, this is the last time I feed this boy pickled pig's feet.
Fuller's Secretary, Lucy: You're going to change his diaper right here?
Big Momma: Uh, yes, but don't worry. I'll contain the seepage, okay? I just hope your hard drives are backed up.
Fuller's Secretary, Lucy: Mr. Fuller has a bathroom in his office.

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