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Beowulf quotes

Beowulf: You want your name in The Song of Beowulf? You think it sould end with me killed by some Frisian raider with no name?
Frisian Leader: I'm Finn of Frisia and my name shall be remembered forever!
Beowulf: Only if you kill me. Otherwise you're nothing.

Wealthow: (to Beowulf) There have been many great men who have come, but in the morning there was nothing left but blood on the floor, and the ventures, and the walls.

Ursula: (crying) Don't go, my Lord! Stay with me, please, I beg you!
Beowulf: Forget about me. Find a good man, and bear him fine children, but bear him a son.
Ursula: I don't want another man! I want you!
Beowulf: I am not the man you believe me to be...
Ursula: You are a hero! You are a great man! This I know to be true!
Beowulf: (shouting) Then you are as foolish as the rest of them! (Ursula runs out, sobbing)

Grendel's Mother: A man like you could own the greatest tale ever sung. Your story would live on when everything now alive is dust. Beowulf... It has been a long time since a man has come to visit me.
Beowulf: I need no sword to kill you.
Grendel's Mother: Of course you don't my love. You took a song from me. Give me a son, brave thane. Stay with me. Love me... Love me... and I shall weave you riches... beyond imagination. I shall make you the greatest king that ever lived. As long as you hold me in your heart... and this golden horn remains in my keeping... You will forever be King. Forever strong, might... and all-powerful. This I promise. This... I swear...

Grendel's Mother: I know that underneath your glamor you're as much a monster as my son, Grendel.
Beowulf: My glamor!
Grendel's Mother: One needs glamor to become a king.

King Hrothgar: What we need is a hero.

King Hrothgar: (during Grendel's attack) A sword! Give me a sword!

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