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Bedtime Stories quotes

Skeeter Bronson: (to his sister) I don't know anything about plants except that *you* make cakes out of them!

Mickey: (after Skeeter has just thrown ketchup at him) you know what? Ketchup is GOOD for you! It exfoliates the skin, so who's the real victim here? YOU ARE!

Marty Bronson: Your fun is only limited by your imagination.

Skeeter Bronson: (during the gumball shower) This... is... spooky.

Skeeter Bronson: *Mumbling*
Mickey: Jumping up and down on the alligator.

Mickey: I can't read. (Buggsy laughingly squeaks at him)
Mickey: Shut up, Buggsy. Yeah? I got opposable thumbs. How do you feel about that? (Buggsy stops)

Skeeter Bronson: Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Skeeter Bronson: (as cowboy speaking to chief) Mind showing me your finest horse?
Chief Running Mouth: (Turns suddenly to Skeeter as Native American music plays) My ancestors believed horse spirit come down from mountain, during time of fire, wind. Many brave warrior walk trail of moon bear...
Skeeter Bronson: Yeah I just wanna see the horse; I don't need all this.

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