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Beaches quotes

CC Bloom: It looks like a flamingo threw up in here!

CC Bloom: (the girls are dyeing their hair) Do I look like Marilyn? I don't look a thing like Marilyn!
Hillary: Ok, well, how's mine?
CC Bloom: Hillary, it's exactly the same color!
Hillary: No! It isn't!
CC Bloom: You just spent two hours dyeing your hair exactly the same color!

Leona Bloom: (CC is at the beach, telling her mother that she's left John) What do you mean, you left him? What happened? After only three years, you left him? Was it another woman?
CC Bloom: (rolls eyes) It's not a soap opera, Leona. Everything with you is a soap opera.
Leona Bloom: Tell me, honey. Go ahead. Get it off your chest.
CC Bloom: Something just died between us, that's all. He used to care what happened to me. But he stopped paying attention to me.
Leona Bloom: (Leona shakes her head and starts to chuckle)
CC Bloom: What's so funny?
Leona Bloom: (still chuckling slightly) Never mind.
CC Bloom: Leona, what's so funny? (Leona's laughter continues)
CC Bloom: Why are you laughing? Tell me why you're laughing! MA!
Leona Bloom: (stops laughing) WHAT?
CC Bloom: Tell me!
Leona Bloom: All right, I'm gonna tell you. You wanna know, I'm gonna tell ya. Why do you think I'm living down here in Florida, huh?
CC Bloom: (throwing up hands) I give up. You like the sun.
Leona Bloom: I don't give a sh** about the sun! I'm here because it's peaceful, that's why! You always wanted too much attention! You wanted so much attention from everybody all the time, that you wore people out! You wore me out, you wore your father out, may he rest in peace, by the time you were 15 years old! (CC looks down... Leona takes her hand)
Leona Bloom: I love you, CC.
CC Bloom: (whimpering) No you don't.
Leona Bloom: Oh yes, I do. I love you very much. But I just... I just can't pay any more attention to you. You know what I mean? I want to... but I just can't do it. And if I were you, I wouldn't leave anybody for not paying attention to me. Because sooner or later you're gonna have to leave everybody. You understand me?

Young C.C.: Iris Myandowski is a hand-walking queer!

Hillary: I was jealous. I was so jealous of you I couldn't see straight! You did everything you said you were going to do, everything! And your talent, this incredible talent! I can't even yodel!

CC Bloom: Oh Marge, you really need to cut down on the Gasoline.
Hillary: She could be dead.
CC Bloom: No. If she was dead she would've dropped the bottle.

Victoria Cecilia Essex: (CC and Victoria are walking out of the Hollywood Bowl hand-in-hand following CC's concert... CC has just finished telling her a story from her past... Victoria looks up, totally enchanted) So what else did you do?
CC Bloom: (looking down at Victoria and beaming) Whatever they told me not to!

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