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Battle Los Angeles quotes

Michele: (discussing the silence after bombing run deadline passes) Could they have taken out the whole Air Force?
TSgt. Elena Santos: (shocked) This isn't happening...

LCpl. Steven Mottola: It's a no-go on the helo sir. Their air support is lighting it up. Command says it's like nothing they ever seen before.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: Stavro, Harris, the lieutenant needs recon on a bus. If it runs, bring it back here... Either of you know how to hotwire a bus?
Cpl. Kevin Harris: Um, Stvrou can. He's from Jersey, sir.

2nd Lt. William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No, I'm not leaving you!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Get them out!
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No! Not again!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: I have a bag of C-4 on the bus. Give this to my wife (hands SSgt. Nantz a piece of paper)
2nd Lt. William Martinez: , and get them off this freeway. That's an order.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Yes, sir.
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Right behind you.
SSgt. Michael Nantz: Cover the lieutenant!
2nd Lt. William Martinez: Here we go. (into radio)
2nd Lt. William Martinez: This is Lieutenant William Martinez, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines. Hoorah!

Lt. Col. K.N. Ritchie: We have an infestation of God-knows-what in there but they are NOT from this Earth and we gotta hit them with everything we got! They are a ground force enemy only, so the Air Force will tear them a new as***** and we *will* rule the air! Now you got 3 hours to get your as* back before those bombs drop, and make no mistake THEY WILL DROP! with... or without you.

Michele: Do you have kids?
SSgt. Michael Nantz: No.
Michele: I used to regret that, but maybe it was for the best.

Cpl. Kevin Harris: You saw that?
TSgt. Elena Santos: (laughs) They're going down like bowling pins!

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