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Batman quotes

Joker: Stop the press, who is that?

The Joker: (after shooting Bruce Wayne) Why is it everytime I come for you somebody always gets in the way?

The Joker: They don't make 'em like they used to! Do they, eh? Eh, Batsy?

Batman: See that thing on my belt? Grab it! Whatever you do, don't let go.

Jack Napier: Decent people shouldn't live here. They'd be happier someplace else.
Alicia: Pretty tough talk about Carl.
Jack Napier: Don't worry about it. If this clown could touch Grissom, I'd have handed him his lungs by now.
Alicia: If Grissom knew about us, he might hand you something.
Jack Napier: Don't flatter yourself, angel. He's a tired old man. He can't run this city without me. And besides, he doesn't know.

Joker: Bob, I want you to go down to the globe. Follow that reporter Knox. Take your camera. See what he knows about this Batman. And Bob... (imitates Grisson)
Joker: Remember... you... are my number one... guy!

Eddie: Hey, let's beat it, man. I don't like it up here.
Nic: What are ya, scared of heights?
Eddie: I don't know. After what happened to Johnny Gobs...
Nic: Hey, look, man. Johnny Gobs got ripped and took a walk off a roof, all right? No big loss.
Eddie: No man... that ain't what I heard at all. I heard that the Bat got him.
Nic: The Bat? Aw man, give me a break, will ya?
Eddie: Five stories straight down. There wasn't no blood in the body.
Nic: No sh**. It was all over the pavement.

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