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Barbershop 2 Back in Business quotes

Eddie: (taking food orders from people in the shop) Okay... so that's three orders of "hell naw", two orders of "ask ya mama", and one order of "negro please".

Eddie: The D.C. sniper is the "Jackie Robinson" of crime! He broke into the crazy White leagues!

Calvin: (to his calm baby son) One day this shop's gonna be yours. (his baby son starts to cry loudly)

Gina: What Calvin NEEDS you to do is to get up off your fat as* an' cut some heads!
Eddie: Now how you gonna talk about size... when you one Reese's Pieces away from Jenny Craig y'self?

Ricky: (to Issac) Man, you cut hair like a bi***! Cuttin' little "I"'s in the back of people's heads an' sh**!

Calvin: Oh, uh..."Jesus wept".
Calvin: Why what?
Calvin: 'Cuz he was sad.
Calvin: 'Cuz he was sad 'cuz they ain't let him eat his biscuit...

Jimmy: So, you big time now, huh? you're the "Eminem" of the barber world now, huh?
Issac: Yeah. That's why they call me "Slim Fadey!"

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