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Armageddon quotes

Vinnie the loanshark: This is a pretty big loan. Why don't you count the cash?
Rockhound: Nah, this feels like a hundred grand to me.
Vinnie the loanshark: I'm giving you this for 60%, I hope you know what you're doing, because I'll bust your head with a sledgehammer.
Rockhound: (grinning) You'll get your money back!
Vinnie the loanshark: You don't look too healthy, you're not gonna die on me are you?
Rockhound: Let's just say no more than you are. (laughs)
Rockhound: Thanks Vic!

Oscar: I tell you one thing that really drives me nuts, is people who think that Jethro Tull is just a person in a band.
Psychologist: Who is Jethro Tull?

Harry Stamper: What's your contingency plan?
Truman: Contingency plan?
Harry Stamper: Your backup plan. You gotta have some kind of backup plan, right?
Truman: No, we don't have a back up plan. This is it.
Harry Stamper: And this is the best that you c - that the-the government, the *U.S. government* can come up with? I mean, you-you're NASA for cryin' out loud, you put a man on the moon, you're geniuses! You-you're the guys that think this sh** up! I'm sure you got a team of men sitting around somewhere right now just thinking sh** up and somebody backing them up! You're telling me you don't have a backup plan, that these eight boy scouts right here, that is the world's hope, that's what you're telling me?
Truman: Yeah.

Harry Stamper: (his last words)
Harry Stamper: WE WIN, GRACIE!

Chick: This is turning into a surrealistic nightmare!

Grace Stamper: (talking to Harry when he is on the asteroid) Daddy?
Grace Stamper: Hi Gracey. Hi honey. Grace, I know I promised you I was coming home.
Grace Stamper: I don't understand.
Harry Stamper: Looks like I'm going to have to break that promise.
Grace Stamper: I lied to you too. When I told you I didn't want to be like you. Because I am like you. Everything good that I have inside of me, I have from you. I love you so much daddy. And I'm so proud of you, I'm so scared. I'm so scared.
Harry Stamper: I know it baby. But there won't be anything to be scared of soon. Gracey, I want you to know that AJ saved us. He did. I want you to tell Chick, that I couldn't have done it without him. None of it. I want you to take care of AJ. And I wish I could be there to walk you down the aisle, but I'll... I'll look in on you from time to time, okay honey? I love you Grace.
Grace Stamper: I love you too.
Harry Stamper: Gotta go now honey.
Grace Stamper: Daddy, no! (Harry cuts the video feed)
Grace Stamper: No dad no!

Rockhound: Wow. Got a great view of the Earth from here. Too bad we'll never set foot on her again.

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