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Any Which Way You Can quotes

Lynn Halsey-Taylor: What are you gonna do with them? (referring to the tarred Black Widows)
Philo Beddoe: We can't leave 'em here. Dogs'll come along and pi** on 'em. (beat)
Philo Beddoe: Ain't fair to the dogs.

Jack Wilson: So do you. I believe that makes us even.
Jack Wilson: Yeah, I did. (smiles approvingly)
Jack Wilson: You're fast and you like pain. You eat it like candy. I've seen a few cases like that in my time. The more they get hurt, the more dangerous they become. But you got to be durable, too. Real durable. Most ain't.
Jack Wilson: Let's call this fight off. There's no point to it.
Jack Wilson: You're good. But you're not good enough. (seriously)
Jack Wilson: I don't want to hurt you, and that's the truth.
Jack Wilson: Yeah. (reaches into his pocket)
Jack Wilson: Thank you. (smiles)
Jack Wilson: Pleasure watching you work.
Orville Boggs: Philo... Jordan said he'd give us 200 big ones if we scrap that Merc for him.
Philo Beddoe: Great. Clyde? Scrap the Merc.
Orville Boggs: Come on, Clyde! You got work to do!

Orville Boggs: (to Clyde) Put that spaghetti down!

Philo Beddoe: A hand out is what you get from the government, a hand up is what you get from a friend.

Wyoming Trooper: Son, you are a walking violation of the laws of nature, but we don't enforce them laws.

Philo Beddoe: Right turn, Clyde.

Cholla, Black Widow Leader: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will chew on Philo Beddoe's as* for my last supper!

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