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Another 48 HRS quotes

Jack: You got framed. That's what every convict says!
Reggie: Well, what about you, man? They never found that bad guy's gun out at the racetrack!
Jack: That's different.
Reggie: How's it different?
Jack: I'm a cop, you're a crook.
Reggie: Oh, get the fu** outta here! Just 'cause I'm a convict, every thin' that comes outta my mouth is a god da** lie?
Jack: That's right.
Reggie: So it's just Screw Reggie Hammond?
Jack: That's right!

Ben Kehoe: Christ, you really toasted that guy, Jack.
Jack Cates: Ah, goddammit, I didn't TOAST the guy! I just SHOT him! For Chrissakes, don't say I TOASTED him, Ben!

Ben Kehoe: Jack, we can work this out! Just let me out of here!
Jack Cates: You're a disgrace, Ben. Nothing worse than a bad cop.
Reggie Hammond: Hey, Jack! Thank you for a very pleasant day! Okay, I got no car, I got no money, and I'm gonna end the day off with this go***** dope man's Uzi by my temple! Thank you, Jack! Look, this is Jack's day, why don't you just let Jack shoot me? Save your bullet! Jack, why don't you shoot me? Shoot me, Jack! (Jack shoots Reggie in the shoulder. Stunned, Reggie collapses to the floor, and Jack shoots Ben dead)

Jack: (the bartender has launched a tirade against Jack about the police in her bar) Is that enough, or do you wanna bi*** some more?
Girl Bartender: (angry) I'm gonna bi*** some more!

Reggie: When you've been in prison as long as I have, you remember every story about pu*** you ever heard.

Reggie: How much of my money did you spend?
Jack: Oh, about 25 grand. You said I could buy a new car.
Reggie: So where is it?
Jack: This *is* the new car!
Reggie: This looks like the same piece-of-sh** sky blue Cadillac you had before!
Jack: Yeah, I bought the same make, model, year, color, everything the same. That's the way I like it. I get attached to things, Reggie!

Tyrone Burroughs: What's the fu***** difference who pulled the trigger? The cops were getting too close, that's how the man does business, *business*, not personal. You know you two fu***** hillbillies should learn the difference.
Cherry Ganz: Business? Yeah. (shoots Burroughs in the ear)
Cherry Ganz: That's business too.
Tyrone Burroughs: (holding his ear in pain but beginning to laugh) You happy now, as*****? (laughs)
Tyrone Burroughs: That still doesn't change the job! You got to kill Reggie Hammond.

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