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An American Tail quotes

Tony Toponi: Why didn't you tell me what time it was, huh?
Warren T. Rat: Don't worry, gentlemen. There are plenty of mice in Hong Kong.
Digit: Ooh, I gotta learn how to calculate in Chinese. (starts counting in Chinese)
Warren T. Rat: Hey, I wonder how you say "trust me" in Chinese.

Gussie Mausheimer: We have a plan. E Pralabus Unim.

Tiger: I like butterflies with big, golden wings, and blue and green tips.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Me too!
Tiger: I like Swiss cheese ice cream.
Fievel Mousekewitz: Me too! Me too!
Tiger: You too-too? Wait a minute. What's your favorite book?
Fievel Mousekewitz: Why, the Brothers Karamousov.
Tiger: (laughing) The Brothers... I don't believe it!

Papa Mousekewitz: No! Keep walking!

Tony Toponi: Stick with me, kid. (Fievel holds on tightly to Tony's arm)
Tony Toponi: Hey, hey, hey! What, are we engaged or something?

Digit: Would you please put out that filthy thing? I'm suffocating down here!
Warren T. Rat: You don't like it? Hey, you know you're not the only cockoroach in New York City. There are millions of roaches who give their lives to work for Warren T. Rat.
Digit: Good! Fire me! I'm fed up with that filthy smoke in this pocket! I've seen kitchen shelves cleaner than this place! Look at my suit!

Mama Mousekewitz: It's the end of the world.
Papa Mousekewitz: No, it's worse.

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