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Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked quotes

Zoe: Yeah! Wasn't that awesome?
Simon: No, it was not awesome! It's a miracle we got here safely. In fact, the odds of a chipmunk getting hurt on a zip line are one out of six.
Eleanor: (falling) Aaaaaah!

Alvin: Simon!
Brittany: Uh... Alvin? You're starting to sound like Dave.
Alvin: (gasps) Noooooooooooo!

Alvin: You can follow me on Critter.

Alvin: Oh, my acorns!

Alvin: (as James Bond) I like my tail shaken, not stirred.

Zoe: (Simon and Theodore are bungee jumping) We're having the best time. Why did you have to show up and be so uptight?
Alvin: Me, uptight? I'm not the uptight one. I'm the fun one. The cool one. Ask anyone!
Zoe: Who should I ask?

Alvin: Guys, we're chipmunks! We're used to living in the wild!
Brittany: Uh, no. We're chipmunks that used to be used to living in the wild!

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