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All Dogs Go to Heaven quotes

Itchy Itchiford: I can't help it, Charlie, I always itch when I'm nervous.
Charlie: Well don't be nervous!
Itchy Itchiford: Just scratch this!

Charlie: What do you see up there?
Itchy Itchiford: Other than the back side of the buttons, nothing much.

Itchy Itchiford: (to a horse after it scares him) If you do that to me one more time, you are glue!

Charlie: Itchy, what happened to you?
Itchy Itchiford: You want to know what happened to me? I'll tell you what happened to me. Carface happened to me, with about 50 of his thugs. Oh!
Charlie: Itch, I'm sorry.
Itchy Itchiford: Well, look what else happened while you were sidetracked. See that? (see a building on fire)
Itchy Itchiford: That's *our* place! You were going to fix Carface well, well he fixed us! You see boss, this whole thing's gone too far.

Charlie: These are some of the poorest people I know. They're more broke than the Ten Commandments. (laughs)
Charlie: That was a little joke. Very little.

Itchy Itchiford: Boss, Carface has got thugs, and they've got muscles, and knives, and he's got a monster.
Charlie: Monster?
Itchy Itchiford: Boss, they feed it!
Charlie: Monster?
Itchy Itchiford: Yes that's what I said, monster!

Carface: Killer, take Charlie out back for the big surprise.
Killer: Surprise? What surprise, boss?
Carface: The big... (Does throat-slashing gesture)
Carface: ...surprise.
Killer: (pours a mess of ketchup on his sandwich like blood on his hand) Oh, you mean that surprise? (Killer faints with his hand still up)
Carface: (taps ashes out of his cigar onto the sandwich) You moron.

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