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Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day quotes

High School Teacher: This isn't Gossip Girl you two. Get back inside Celia.

Anthony Cooper: Mom, do you mind?... Please
Kelly Cooper: What? Because of this morning? It's not the first time I've seen your pe***, Anthony!
Emily Cooper: Mom saw your pe***?
Kelly Cooper: Yep! I've seen yours too, Alexander. I've seen every pe*** in this car!
Ben Cooper: Every pe***.

Paul Dumphy: Dude i've been looking everywhere for you. Have you heard about Phillip Parker?
Alexander Cooper: I don't want to hear anything more about his amazing party.
Paul Dumphy: No it's cancelled.
Alexander Cooper: What?
Paul Dumphy: Yeah he woke up with chicken pox. He texted me this picture these things are everywhere.
Alexander Cooper: Oh.
Paul Dumphy: They're even in his bu** crack.

Alexander Cooper: Hi Becky
Becky Gibson: Hey Alexander

Emily Cooper: What a to-do to die today at a minute or two to two. A thing distinctly hard to say but harder still to do. We'll beat a tattoo at a minute or two and a rat tat tat tat tat tattoo. And the dragon will come to the beat of the drum. At a minute or two to two today. At a minute or two to two... A big black bug bit a big black bear.

Ben Cooper: Whoa honey are you okay?
Emily Cooper: No i'm not Peter Pan can't have a cold Dad.

High School Teacher: Let's go Wreck it Ralph. Principal's office now!

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