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Air Force One quotes

Ivan Korshunov: You can end this all with one phone call Mr. President!

Ivan Korshunov: I know what you're thinking First Lady,you want me dead. Well we may come to that. You see people do die in wars.

President James Marshall: The truth is, we acted too late. Only when our own national security was threatened, did we act.

Alice Marshall: Why did you kill him?
Ivan Korshunov: Because I believe.

President James Marshall: Peace isn't merely the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice.

Phillips, AFO Chief Mechanic: Hold on, just let me double-check, sir...
President James Marshall: Oh, for Christ's sakes, man, hurry up!
Phillips, AFO Chief Mechanic: Sir, if you get the wrong wire, you'll cut the engine feeds, and the plane will crash.
President James Marshall: Then we don't want to get the wrong wire, do we?

F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': Sir, pull up! You've got one on your tail.
President James Marshall: Get him off my tail!
F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': Missile away. Air Force One. Break left and climb!
Major Caldwell: Sir, we've lost countermeasures.
F-15 Fighter Pilot 'Halo 2': This is Halo-2. They've lost countermeasures. I'm going in. (takes the missile for Air Force One)

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