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About a Boy quotes

Christine: Oh, no... it's just I thought you had hidden depths.
Will: No, no, you've always had that wrong about me. I really am this shallow.

Will: It's a CD, Marcus, by Mystikal. They're cool. You'll like them
Fiona: What kind of music is Mystikal?
Will: It's sort of, um, world music...
Marcus: (reads a song title) "Shake Ya as*."
Will: ...Slash rap-type thing.

Marcus: A little. It's by black people mostly. And they're pretty angry most of the time. But sometimes they just want to have sex.

Will: I am an island. I am bl**** Ibiza!

Will: (voiceover) There. She was gone. There was no more to say.

Marcus: Suddenly I realized - two people isn't enough. You need backup. If you're only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you're on your own. Two isn't a large enough number. You need three at least.

Marcus: There's this girl at school. Ellie. I kind of want her to be my girlfriend. But I'm not exactly sure. I've been meaning to ask you.
Marcus: What's the difference between a girl who's your friend and a girlfriend?
Will: Well, I don't know. Do you want to touch her?
Marcus: Is that so important?
Will: Yeah, you've heard about sex, right? It is kind of a big deal.
Marcus: I know. I'm not stupid. I just can't believe there's nothing more to it. I mean, like, I want to be with her more. I want to be with her all the time.
Marcus: And I want to tell her things I don't even tell you or Mum. And I don't want her to have another boyfriend. If I could have all those things... I wouldn't really mind if I touched her or not.
Will: Well, you'll learn, Marcus. You won't feel like that forever.

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