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About Last Night... quotes

Joan: Oh, God! Another smoker! Look, do you mind?
Danny: Oh, sorry, didn't know you were eating. (Joan snuffs the cigarette in the sink)
Joan: There. I just added another seven minutes to your life... it's alright, I don't expect a thank you.
Danny: Thank you.

Danny: Hey, know one thing - I never screwed around on you.
Debbie: Oh, well, let's just give the boy a medal! I didn't realise it was such a sacrifice.

Steve Carlson: I thought we had something kind of special.
Debbie: No, it was kind of sleazy. And now... it's kind of over.

Danny: Joanie! God, she looks grea... Oh, and she baked us a pie!
Joan: Your vulgarian friend is downstairs, denting innocent people's fenders.
Danny: (shouts down the stair hallway) Yoooo, Litko!

Bernie: You know something Joan, if you didn't have a pu*** there'd be a bounty on your head.
Joan: And you are a schizophrenic, psychopathic, maladjusted social misfit who is clearly in the middle of a very deep homosexual panic.
Bernie: So you want to dance or what?

Bernie: Interesting broad. Where'd she develop her personality? A car crash?

Bernie: You know what your problem is? Your face. Come on, you're too good-looking. Girls go out with you and get nervous. They feel dumpy, they don't want to compete. They want a guy like... like me. A guy who'll make them look good. A basic Neanderthal type. The swarthy type. A man's man.

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