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A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddys Revenge quotes

Cheryl Walsh: (about Jesse) He needs professional help. I think we have to take him to see a psychiatrist.
Ken Walsh: Oh come, Cheryl. Are you out of your gourd? What the hell will that do?
Cheryl Walsh: I don't know. I just feel he needs help and we don't know how to give it to him.
Ken Walsh: Oh come, Cheryl.
Cheryl Walsh: Are you hearing me? That boy's in trouble!
Ken Walsh: No, he's not in trouble! What that boy needs is a good god da** kick in the bu**, that's what he needs! Tell you what he needs. He needs a methadone clinic.

Freddy Krueger: (snickering from behind the desk after Jesse's transformation)
Lisa: Jesse?
Freddy Krueger: (Raking his claw on the top of the desk before standing up and nearing Lisa) He can't hear you, because I'm him.

Jesse Walsh: Listen... I'm in trouble.

Jesse Walsh: (reading Nancy's old diary) "March 15th. He comes to me at night - horrible, ugly, dirty... under the sheets with me... tearing at my nightgown with his steel claws. His name is Fred... and he keeps trying to take me to the boiler room. He wants to kill me."

Jesse Walsh: You know, Schneider shouldn't have called you out on that last play.
Ron Grady: Yeah, well, Schneider's got a stick up his as* today.
Jesse Walsh: Schneider's always got a stick up his as*.
Coach Schneider: Hello, dirtballs.

Lisa: You had another nightmare didn't you?
Jesse Walsh: Yes, I had a bad night.

Jesse Walsh: (throws aside a shoebox) How do you like that, Dad?

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